Niumipak: Production of cosmetic and pharmaceutical packaging bottle

Niumi Packaging is a supplier for all kinds of daily cosmetic packaging products. Formed by a group of young enthusiasts, who are passionate about daily cosmetic packaging products. Niumi Packaging is located in Wuxi, a famous historical city of China, also well known for its beautiful natural view as it covers a coastline of Yangtze River and two coasts of Lake Tai, one of the largest freshwater lakes in China. Besides, Wuxi is a regional business hub with its GDP among the top ten prefecture-level cities in China.

There are over a hundred of daily cosmetic packaging factories in Wuxi, makes it the ideal place to source daily cosmetic packaging products. The founder spray bottle glass of Niumi Packaging, who being a local has a lot of friends & relatives working in daily cosmetic packaging industry. Witnessed the growth of this industry, she decided to start a trading company right after gaining certain work experience with the support of her uncle’s factory. During the past few years, Niumi Packaging had built its own supply chain of daily cosmetic packaging products throughout China and is trying our level best to build the distribution channel around the world.

So far, Niumi Packaging has delivered the service to customers mainly from South Asian, Middle East and European countries, all the customers are very happy with our products and services and has become our beloved friends. All the members in Niumi Packaging treat customers as our friends or families first, and business relations come second. This way we will always be most sincere and have the most motivations to solve any challenges may occur in business. It has become our corporate culture since the first day of our business.

Our main competitive advantage is to have the most responsive sales expertise; they will be available all day long, no matter work days or day offs. Because we do understand prompt communication plays the most important role in international trading. Our second advantage is that we provide one stop solution for daily cosmetic packaging products from sampling to delivery to after sale service. Customers will be able to get their desired products without leaving their office, and won’t have the headache to deal with different supplier for different products. We have covered the supply chain of high-end plastic health care product caps, electrochemical aluminum caps, airless bottles, roll-on bottles, droppers, dropper bottles, lotion & cream bottle sets, daily cosmetic tubes, pumps, plastic bottles& jars, perfumery bottles etc. customers will get our best service within these categories. The third advantage is that we always add lower margin in order to offer the best price, and with the backup of the factories, we offer 10% shorter lead time than other suppliers.

Please feel free to contact us any time if your situation is as follows:

1. If you want to reduce hassle for collecting different cosmetic packaging products from so many manufacturers here and there;

2. If you want to develop new design cosmetic packaging for your brands;

3. If you want to make attractive cosmetic packaging yet don't have your own designs;

4. Having the willingness to source cosmetic packaging products from China but don't have much idea about Chinese market;

5. You are already sourcing from China, but looking for new reliable suppliers/manufacturers.

For other situations which we haven't mentioned above, but anything related to daily cosmetic packaging products, please make us your first choice at your supplier's list. As we always try our best to fulfill your demand and never compromise with our product quality.